So every couple of days I’m going to pick a topic that needs some attention due to the false and misleading statements going around.  It’s happening in record proportions these days, and challenging it is the job of each of us concerned with the nasty, ugly vitriol and hatred.

Listen to this, and take notes, it’s hard to believe, though given she’s with Glenn Beck’s outfit, I can guess who’s writing her cue cards:


Tomi Lahren: Final Thoughts: Mr. President, You Failed.

Obama won’t declare war on ISIS

A common nonsense meme and theme I’ve been hearing is that “Obama won’t declare war on ISIS.”

From a “Geroge Kenyon” rant seen yesterday to Tomi Lahren, above, who says:

“You won’t unleash our military, you won’t let them win.”

The President can’t declare war.  Only Congress can declare war, and remember who controls congress?  But this has come up several times in the last two days, so it bears repeating — only Congress can declare war:

U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 8:

Section. 8.

The Congress shall have Power… To declare War…

You shouldn’t have had to live through the Vietnam War to know this…

Meanwhile, Obama has made that request of Congress, and Congress has not declared war!

President Obama sends War Powers request to Congress – 2/11/2015

Congress Shows a Lack of Enthusiasm for Giving Obama War Powers to Fight ISIS

President Obama’s To-Do List for Congress: Mostly Dead on Arrival

People Are Afraid to Report Suspicious Activity

From that Tomi Lahren video, again, conflatulence:

Neighbors in San Bernadino didn’t speak up.  Why?  Because YOU, Mr. President, taught us that reporting suspicious behavior results in a $15 million lawsuit for a whistleblower and an invitation to the White House for the suspect.

Texas student arrested over clock seeks $15 million

Yes, it’s a reference to “Clock Boy” who was falsely arrested, where the police knew before arresting him that it was NOT a bomb.  This is not a lawsuit against a “whistleblower” but against the city and school for wrongful arrest and being illegally detained, violations of civil rights — it’s a notice prior to suit (the 60 day period has yet to expire).

As of last week, the Feds are investigating the school system regarding discrimination and and harassment of Muslim students.  Good. Discrimination and harassment of Muslims in Irving, Texas, is fearfully comment, and ugly, ranging from the incidents at the school over a long period of time, to anti-Muslim armed demonstrations at an area mosque, to posting of Muslim names and addresses, and of their “associates” on facebook by the demonstration organizer.

Armed protesters gather outside Islamic Center of Irving

Thankfully, there is support for Muslims in that community:

A week after an armed anti-Islam protest, hundreds show support for Irving’s mosque

And as to publishing names and addressed, a virtual engraved invitation for terrorizing Muslims in the community:

Man who led armed protest at Texas mosque publishes list of Muslims’ home addresses

The neighbors of San Bernadino shooter Syed Farook who did not report suspicious activity claimed “fear of being called racist” or “fear of racial profiling,” which is in their own mind.  Their fears have zero to do with actions against a “whistleblower” in the “Clock Boy” case.  This flapping about “Clock Boy” in this context is disingenuous and distraction.

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