Well DUH! Remember that press conference the Center of the American Experiment had? Here’s coverage…

Conservative website aimed at college students

Meeks said the site was the brainchild of Katherine Kersten, former chairwoman of the center’s board and now a columnist with the Star Tribune.

Coverage… I wonder why…

While most of the site is informational, it also has an edgier feature called the “Daily Dish.” The debut item targets St. Olaf College in Northfield, which has declared sustainability as a theme for this school year. The website says Prof. Jim Farrell’s paper on sustainability, which is posted on St. Olaf’s website, “assumes we’re burning too much fossil fuel, we’re not eating healthy foods, we’re not respecting workers’ rights, we’re wasteful, and we’re spoiling the environment. Those are serious and controversial charges against our culture.”

Farrell, a history professor and director of American studies at St. Olaf, was puzzled by the criticism. Conservatives have a tradition of conservation, he said, pointing to Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Richard Nixon, who created national parks and signed the first significant environmental legislation.

“I just don’t see how this is a liberal agenda,” Farrell said. “Most people on campus are pretty excited about it.”

But here’s the funniest part:

“The point is not to indoctrinate students,” she said, but to “expose students to points of view not readily available in the classroom.”

If that’s true… why is there an “Ideas to go” page, shades of “Commissioner” Yucky, that says, and yes, this is for real:

Need quick ideas and arguments? Ideas To Go are quick one-page issue summaries that you can take to class or use as a quick reference for other school work. There are at least two sides to every issue and Ideas To Go conveniently lays out the competing arguments side by side. Maybe you?re online and in class right now. Quick access to arguments is at your fingertips.

Really… here’s the “Ideas to Go” link. So, all professorial sorts who are working to educate, and not indoctrinate, assign this page and ask them to explain these ideas! All answers will be googled for originality!

FYI – they’re soliciting contributions — send copy!

And in the “Oh my Dog!” department:

Run, Yucky, Run!


Yecke is running in Florida! www.yeckeforcongress.com CLICK THAT LINK!!! REALLY!

Wait… Yecke is running in Minnesota’s 6th District! From Florida…
Yecke Close Up 15.jpg
What? Huh? Where am I? …oh, spelling bee… c-a-r-p-e-t-b-a-g-g-e-r, carpetbagger… this is a dream, right? 2008, against Hillary… yes… why not? Right Georgie?

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