It never ends, does it.  Here’s the Great River Energy and Minnesota Power Menahga Project, a 115 kV transmission line doing the do-si-do around Menahga!  Pipeline driver?  Yup.  The new pumping stations will increase capacity of the MinnCan Pipeline (MPL Line 4) from 165,000 barrels a day to 350,000 barrels a day, or something like that.  It’ll double the capacity.  Great, just great.  And remember, the MinnCan pipeline was the one where no one cared about it, no one weighed in against it, and now, everyone everywhere is fighting pipelines.  This one quietly goes through, fueling the refinery in Rosemount, the Koch refinery.  Hmmmmm…

App_Part 1_CoverSrvList_20151-106198-01

App_Part 2_Summary_20151-106198-02

App_Part 3_Text_20151-106198-03

App_Part 4_Appendices A-f_20151-106198-04

App_Part 5_DetailedRouteMaps_20151-106198-05

App_Part 6_App H-J_20151-106198-06

App_Part 6_CORRECTED App J_20151-106872-01

App_Part 7_App K_20151-106198-07


And here’s what we filed last week and the judge’s response (DENIAL!!) and our response to that, and also today’s filing.

First, to get things moving:

Andersen_CoN and Route Permit – Request for Contested Case_FINAL

Andersen_Petition for Intervention-FINAL

And the judge’s response:

201510-114794-02_Order Denying Petitions

Suffice it to say, we weren’t pleased with that, so:

Andersen_Motion for Reconsideration

And today, to get this in before the Public Hearing on Monday:

Andersen_Petition for EIS_FINAL


GRE_Long Range Xmsn Plan_October 2008

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