A Spectra Energy owned backup line to the Texas Eastern natural gas pipeline ruptured, last Sunday or Monday.  It’s a 24″ pipeline, and 4 million cubic feet of gas leaked out.  That’s a lot of gas, one article says it’s enough for 60+ homes for a year!


What’s  most odd about this is the lackadaisical attitude about reporting this problem, see that last article on the list below.  One article reported:

Arkansas River pipeline blowout occurred Sunday morning, cause still unknown

Then within a couple minutes, the turbulence dissipated and disappeared. Metzler said he drove down to the river that afternoon, but to his puzzlement could find nothing amiss. He and others talked about contacting the Coast Guard, he said, but decided against it because “we didn’t know what to tell them. Something had happened, but nobody knew what.”

Metzler said there was concrete scattered across the deck of the Chris M, skid marks across the boat’s surface,  and handrails and an exhaust stack knocked over. “The concrete still had the form of a pipe,” he said, and parts of it were “covered in soot — I decided this thing must have been on fire.” He is convinced the Texas Eastern exploded. “I believe a big piece of pipe blew out of the river and flew through the air,” he said.


EnlargeZoom The towboat Chris M, owned by Jeffrey Sand Co. in North Little Rock, was damaged Sunday morning when a natural gas pipeline i… (Credit: Special to the Democrat-Gazette)

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