I’ll have more on this tomorrow, but remember how the Army Corps of Engineers shut down Jerry Anderson when he was mowing down trees on the shoreline of Circle Lake? Well, dig this — they’re paying attention on Mesaba and asking the important questions! Such as:

Please provide information that demonstrates that Minnesota will need 3,000 to 6,000 additional MW of power over the next 15 years.

Here’s their missive that I found hiding on the Siting site:

US Army Corps of Engineers May 26 2006

Here’s what I sent to them, with clickable links:

MCGP to Army Corp of Engineers in WORD

They’re asking Excelsior for proof of the 3,000-6,000MW of need in Minnesota. Now this will be fun, because that can’t be done, it doesn’t exist!!! There is no need! Xcel’s “need” was determined in the Integrated Resource Plan to be 375MW and not until 2015. Xcel is by far the biggest utility in the state. CLICK HERE for the MAPP Load and Capability Report for the specifics. Anyway, needless to say, I offered my primary documentation on need!

Now, where’s Excelsior’s response?

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