Recently there was an AP article that flew around the country that mentioned the massive numbers of derailments projected, but the study was not linked in any of the articles I’d found, and oh was I looking.  Then I went searching around, made a few phone calls, and FINALLY, out of the blue, it appeared in my inbox today.

Who cares about some government study?  Well, with info like this, I do, and so glad to get it.  How’s this for starters:

TableB3ProjectedDerailmentsAnd this, a chart of projected damages forecasted:TableB8ProjectedDamagesAnd, drum roll please…. HERE’S THE STUDY:



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  1. John Ferman Says:

    The total damages column shows a continual decline – did the text articulate why this might be so? Was there any attempt to normalize the data to some constant factor, e.g., tonnage transported.

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