Saying good bye to Kady

November 22nd, 2014


Today we said good bye to our Kady.  Above, there she is on her “Gotcha Day!”

           K-K-K-Kady…  January 28th, 2010

And here she is in our “new” house a few years ago:


And this morning:


She’s been our dog for five years, the first dog that Alan and I got together, found on Petfinder not long after Krie, the doggy with the winglet ears, died unexpectedly.  That was January 2010.  I was in the middle of the Susquehanna-Roseland transmission project hearing in Newark, New Jersey, camped out officing at the R.Treat Hotel and I saw this photo and knew she was THE dog:


That’s Kady, and her “pup” in the background, peering out.  She was no spring chicken, a middle-aged grrrrl found as a stray in Georgia, with her young pup, and was spayed down there, and headed up the  I-95 dog underground railroad to 6th Angel German Shepherd Rescue, where she was treated for heartworm and then fostered out on Long Island.  She was there for a year before we saw her listed for adoption.

Kate was then “Lady,” and we were told that she was extremely dog aggressive and shouldn’t go to a home with another dog.  Sure… whatever… we filled out the application, went to meet her after the hearing in Newark, and took “Lady” and our Kenya for a walk.  They fussed a bit at first, but when we got back to the house and put Ken in the van, “Lady” jumped right in.  No doubt about it, she wanted to be our dog.  So a week later, after the house visit, we went back to Long Island to pick her up.

“Lady” is no name for a dog of mine, and no name for a German Shepherd, so given all our grrrrrrrrls were “K” grrrrrrls, she became “Kady.”  And getting to Delaware was kind of a rude awakening for our new grrrrl, she arrived just in time for FOUR feet of snow:


And she was clearly dog aggressive:



After Kenya died, we were inexplicably drawn to our Little Sadie, and life with Sadie was quite an adjustment for our shep grrrrl, but they became fast friends (one faster than the other!):


And then there’s the day that we brought them east to Co. R. E near Oconomowoc, WI to pick up a third sister, the irrepressible Summer!


Next thing she knows, Kady and the big galoot are headed down to St. Louis for BaronFest I for some GSD bonding, and that did it for these grrrrls:


And these grrrrrls got along famously, when they weren’t being bitches and drawing blood:



And then a year later, BaronFest II:


And then the next year, she was on her own for BaronFest:


(where are the rest of those BaronFest photos???)

Kady was a quiet grrrrrrl, a good match for her rowdy sister Sadie.  She loved the neighborhood kids and was oh-so-gentle, and loved to be loved up.  She was my constant companion every day, spending most of her time under my desk or behind in her spot with her toes curled around the wheels of my chair — YEOW!




It was time… she’d checked out and was just existing, no fun for her.  We will miss her every day.  Sadie seems to be pissed at us, and when we got home and she smelled us over good, she ran into the living room, jumped up in “her chair,” and was cowering and shaking, so I guess we need to convince her that we won’t be taking her to the vet any time soon.

3 Responses to “Saying good bye to Kady”

  1. Nancy Willing Says:

    So sorry to hear about your poochie. Alan is keeping us updated on facebook these days and put the link to this post today.

  2. John Ferman Says:

    Sorry to hear of Kady’s passing. It is always tough o endure, but remember that Kady is at the Rainbow Bridge,mthere frolicing with many other dogs and awaiting you.

  3. Linda Del Pizzo Says:

    Carol and Alan,
    What a lovely tribute to Kady dog. Thank you for rescuing her. She was such a sweet dog. She had the best years of her life with the both of you. Absolutely spoiled with LOVE. I know she got oodles of rubs, pets, good food, attention, car rides, treats. May you have peace and comfort when you think of your time together with her.
    Our sympathies,
    Linda and Matt Del Pizzo

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