The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission is to take up the proposal for revisions to Minn. R. Ch. 7829, which is the PUC’s practice and procedure chapter.  I call it their stealth rulemaking docket.

Bluejay    A little birdie told me that the Commission will publish a Notice of  Intent to Adopt based on the draft filed on July 9, and delegated to Commissioner Lipschultz the authority to make necessary, non-substantive edits for cleanup and consultation with the Revisor, before publication in the state register.

It will be coming back up for public comment probably in the next month or so once the draft is published.


Here’s the draft filed July 9:

Staff Briefing Papers_(Last Minute)_20147-101333-01

Here’s what was filed on July 2 (link may not work, eDockets is funky, “eFiling Image Repository is unavailable. We’re sorry, your search cannot be completed at this time. If you feel you have reached this message in error, please Contact“):

Briefing Papers 13-24.pdf. JULY 10, 2014 AGENDA

The new filing didn’t appear in e-dockets until this morning, as I understand it, because of technical problems with e-dockets over the last 24 hours or so.

I’ve been concerned about this chapter for a long while, and submitted a Petition for Rulemaking some time ago:

Overland Petition for Rulemaking-7829

Here are the rules:

7829 Utility Proceeding, Practice, Procedure

Here’s the notice and proposed changes:

Request for Comments_20132-83863-02

Proposed Rules

It’s been an odd rulemaking.  They published the initial notice of “potential” rulemaking, or some such, but who got it?  Not moi… and I learned of it only just before it was to go before the PUC.  Here are a couple of posts:

Minn. R. 7829 marches on…

September 9th, 2013

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