David Overland gets hit with “Welcome to Los Vargas!”  It’s Fernando, Jr.:


So there’s David, he’s minding his own business, toolin’ down the road, had to slow down… (it turns out there was a wreck further up on the other side of the street, a black Escalade had a wheel come off (!), and traffic on his side was backed up, learned from 911 dispatcher later), so he slowed down, stopped, waited to see what’s up, and then looked in the mirror, “OH SHIT!” and BAM!

Then he heard wheels squealing behind him, and the guy who rammed him was taking off!  It’s nothing major, scrapes and scratches, lots of white paint on his new Nissan, but it’s a lease car, so he’s on the hook.  He’ll need to get it fixed, so he couldn’t let the guy get away…  He backs up and takes off in hot pursuit, and finally the guy pulls over.


Nothing on his front end, the license plate did the damage.  And he’s a kid with a learner’s permit, so no license to operate alone, and no insurance card.  (David sent me all the stuff yesterday, bogged down my computer with  photos: the cars, the front end and license plate of the car that hit him, the perp, his license, and the vehicle registration, AAAAAAAAAARGH, I just couldn’t have my computer tied up right then, GRRRRRRR.)  He called the cops, they don’t come out to “no injury” wrecks… well, hit and run?  Don’t seem to care.


So today I looked at what all he’d sent to figure out what he was going on about.   GOOGLE to the rescue…  It’s Fernando Vargas, Jr., and the car was just registered a few days prior!


Who?  Yes… really…  it’s Fernando, Jr.  Still who?  Ja, well… same here… but thanks to google, now I know:

Welcome to Los Vargas…

Oh my…  Vegas version of Duck Dynasty?

Sure enough, when I check the names on the registration… yup, Fernando and Martha…


The good news is that mom Martha Vargas is on the case… as she told David, “I’m not happy now,” and of course he’s “not too happy either!”  Jr. told mom that David cut him off… ummmm… at a dead stop?  I don’t think so.  It’s a well centered rear end, DOH!  But it sounds like she’s sorted out the truth and is stepping up.  Hope the kid gets a reality check, let’s watch next week to see!


There was an address on the registration, so first I googled that and got a rental site for a gross expensive rental, $3,000/mo.  “Not available.”  That’s where they’re filming.  The house across the cul du sac is for sale…  Here’s the front of the rental:



I swear this pool is the mirror image of the viral one with the dogs running around and sliding in when the owners are away:


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