Last night at the Red Wing City Council meeting, the Council voted to tear down the City’s incinerator.

Don’t ignore big burning issue

CLICK HERE TO HEAR THE DISCUSSION (they take a break, restarts at 38:50):

Consider action to close the City’s Solid Waste Incinerator
Staff will present a recommendation to the Council with options for the Solid Waste Campus. Please see the attached staff report with background information, the rationale for closing the Solid Waste Boiler at this time, and alternatives. Staff seeks a Council decision on the recommendation to close the City’s Solid Waste Incinerator.

And not a moment too soon:

WHO – 7 million premature deaths annually linked to air pollution

One down… Now it’s time to shut down Xcel Energy’s two unit garbage burner!  This is a view from the bluff just above our 8th Street house!


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