Cars stuck on West, a major street in Red Wing, one right here and another a block further downhill who did a 360 or more, now the cops are out there and a big pick up truck, but that car is still stuck, ???  What a mess.  It’s a good night to stay inside, and I don’t regret not going up to Grand Rapids for the Great Northern Transmission Line scoping meeting, though I miss having a visit with Charlotte!

STrib reports “white out conditions.

And the Weather Underground says “Blizzard Warning,” but it’s 33 degrees right now.  Heavy snow, and lots of it, our boat cover collapsed.  Alan shoveled off the attached garage roof without taking a header, whew, and built a roof rake and got the snow off the garage/shop before it collapsed.  This is more like Minnesota winter as I remember it.  And it sucks just as bad as I remember it!

For your viewing enjoyment, from Jeanne, my SiL, or is it SoL (she’s probably enjoying this beautiful day in Costa Rica right now), I so needed this:


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