YES!  The Appellate Court agreed with us in the AWA Goodhue (T. Boone Pickens) appeal!  The appeals have been dismissed as premature, that we can/should file AFTER the Public Utilities Commission decides on the several pending Motions for Reconsideration.  We have been invited to file again, with no additional filing fees. GOOD.  That’s a reasonable decision and we’re not out the filing fees (I’d asked the Court for costs, out of the PUC’s hide, but this is sufficient).

Reconsideration Motions will be heard on November 10, 2011, not before 10:00 a.m. at the Public Utilities Commission, 121 – 7th Place East (3rd Floor Large Hearing Room), St. Paul, MN  55101.

This Appellate Court Order is a good outcome, the court agreeing that the PUC’s position that we had to appeal by September 22, 2011 or lose our opportunity to appeal was not grounded in law.

Here’s the choice nugget:

The general provisions of chapter 14 do not supersede more specific provisions governing appeals from the public utilities commission. In re Complaint Against N. States Power Co., 447 N.W.2d 614, 615 (Minn. App. 1989), review denied (Minn. Dec. 15, 1989). The more specific provision controls. Id.

DUH!!!  SNORT!!!!  And the entire Order, hot off the press:

Appellate Court Order to Dismiss – November 1, 2011

It all stemmed from this MemoranDUMB issued by the PUC that was something I’ve never seen the likes of:

PUC Memorandum saying FILE APPEAL OR ELSE!

Guess they won’t be doing that again, will they!!!