Trump deflects blame for Jan 6 silence, says he wanted to march to Capitol

Cannot help but think that the little public info does show that the January 6th Select Committee is circling around John Eastman, more and more reports about him, his repeated “taking the fifth,” and his inability to quash supboena, and glad to see that Clarence Thomas, Ginni Thomas, and Donald Trump are in that circling flow:

Yes, we have a serious ethical problem, corruption at the highest levels…

I was looking at that bogus Texas lawsuit challenging the 2020 elections, the one that 125 U.S. Representatives signed onto and filed Amicus brief, looking at all of the filings, and found this, a “Motion of Donald J. Trump” to file Amicus brief. And look who the attorney is on it. It’s John Eastman, filing before U.S. Supreme Court. Eastman was clerk for Clarence Thomas at Supreme Court, and is also buddy of Ginni Thomas. And from the New York Times, “The Long Crusade of Clarence and Ginni Thomas.”

Here’s the full brief:

Supreme Court on Trump

July 9th, 2020

Hot off the press, the Supreme Court’s rulings on Trump’s financial information. One that the Grand Jury gets his info, another that the ruling on House subpoenas is vacated and remanded. Thomas and Alito dissented on both! Ya win some, ya lose some…

From Avenetti’s twit feed:

Affidavit of Julie Swetnick

Note Swetnick’s credentials – highly credible:

Evidence is piling up.  Kavanaugh is:

REMEMBER THIS?!?!  tRump’s “Statement on Preventing Muslim Immigration” during campaign and AFTER sworn in January, 2017?

Just in, the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Hawaii v. Trump – check the language in 3(b) below:

Trump v Hawaii 17-965_h315

Bottom line (click for larger version):

Kagan hearings live

June 28th, 2010


Check the Washington Post’s link, complete with a peanut gallery for comments:

Kagan Hearing live

Sen. Amy Klobuchar is on now… then Kaufmann, who was surprisingly bashing “pro-corporate” and “pro-business” judicial opinions, which is so strange from a Senator from Delaware… and now Franken…