Whatever is she thinking?  Amy Klobuchar, Senator Amy Klobuchar,  did it again… a STUPID STUPID move… she’s been stumping for coal gasification (STUPID), transmission (STUPID), and now she thinks burning garbage is a good thing (WAY STUPID).

She signed on to a letter to Senators Jeff Bingaman and Lisa Murkowski to include garbage incineration in the definition of “renewable.”


Oh, pleeeeeeea-ze…

Waste-to-energy can provide double brenefits: it diminishes waste reserves and produces clean energy while offsetting greenhouse gas emissions.

Through the combustion of waste that would have otherwise been landfilled, these facilities decrease our reliance on fossil-fuel fired electric generation.

So, once more with feeling, rattle Amy’s cage and let her know that GARBAGE IS NOT RENEWABLE!  BURNING GARBAGE IS NOT CLEAN ENERGY!  As the MPCA says, BURNING GARBAGE IS MAKING POISON!



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