A two cute infestation

May 18th, 2011


A break from all this serious work for … TREE RATS!

Yesterday I was patrolling the curtilage perimeter with the sheps, and heard a noise and saw a flicker.  So I stopped, and in a hard to see place above the back door, oh my… this is a PROBLEM…  first I see the hole, and then one head, I stood frozen as Summer went bonkers, and then out pops another… I thought the wasps were bad, but these guys have chewed a hole in the side of the house and are nesting… great… but they are cute!  How do I get them out of there without killing them?  Live trap and then haul them way up to the top of the bluff???  Install a one way cat door?  Get a crane and hoist Summer-pup up onto the ledge over the door?  I really detest squirrels!

$50 says they’re progeny of that one who comes over to the full view door off my office, waves its tail, and does a little dance for the dogs…