Since the #YallQaeda takeover of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Headquarters, I’ve been waiting for the comparisons of these guys to #blacklivesmatter.  Here we go, from the bubbleheads:

CNN analyst: White militamen aren’t a threat like black protesters ‘because they’re not looting anything.’

Let’s see, looking at Bundys v. #blacklivesmatter here in Minneapolis: taking over a federal building v. tenting on the grounds; armed v. unarmed; repudiating governmental authority v. working for systemic change; unfocused blather v. concrete demands and issues; unwanted outsiders v. community members; bringing in snipers v. bringing in tents and food; favored and coddled treatment in the press v. scathing condemnation in the press.  DOH!  And white male leadership v. black female leadership. And these “111” guys, the Bundy folks have it on their T-Shirts, pick up truck rear windows, and the ones who came in and SHOT #blacklivesmatter protesters were part of the group branding themselves with the “111” label.