Xcel’s Annual Meeting

May 22nd, 2012

xcel-logo Xcel’s annual meeting was last week, seems they’re holding it out of town these days.   Amarillo, Texas???  Whyever for? From seekingalpha:

Xcel CEO Hosts Annual Meeting Conference – Transcript

Xcel Annua

l Meeting Conference Q&A

This year, NSP-Minnesota is down 3 cents/share, “weather had an adverse effect.” Here’s their “Investors” page with all the poop:

Xcel Investors Page

And on the right, check out the Xcel Energy 2011 10-K.  Here’s the bad news (from my perspective):


Xcel Energy 2011 10-K

So if this money talk is making you glaze over, check this one:

Xcel’s 2010 10-K is out!

February 28th, 2011


Yes, you know you’re one sick puppy when you get excited about those SEC alerts in the inbox!  Xcel’s 2010 10-K has been filed:

Xcel Energy’s 10-K for 2010

Check p. 11 for the Peak Demand info – yes, it’s up a bit, but we’re lower than 2005, and there’s a long ways to go to the peak in 2006:


Peak demand is not exactly what we should be planning for these days, well, probably anytime, because peak is so rare, and they just try to sell that excess in the valleys, not that there’s a market anywhere else either!