Looks like Scott Neal is already trying to rein in (reign in?) the people of Edina.  He’s just started as City Manager there after going to Eden Prairie after Northfield.  His suggestion?  Have the public comments to the City Council AFTER the meeting and OFF CAMERA and that would also be OFF THE RECORD because I doubt they’ve got a court reporter there…  Scott, this is NOT a good idea, because in many ways, Edina is doing a good job of running the city, they’re a first ring suburb with little land available, and have done a good job with their Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance.  What’s made that happen is the vigorous and “robust” (sorry, borrowing that from Xcel) open public debate about issues and permits.  The attempt to quash that is a major gaffe.  No, Scott, NO!

In Edina, they like to speak their mind, and on TV

And Scott writes about it on his Edina blog:

Public Comment

The comments on his blog are off!  Oh, come on now… you can have it on, and moderate!

And then there’s his suggestion that they say the Pledge of Allegiance before the meetings.  As an Officer of the Court sworn to uphold the Constitution, and fighting every day for our fundamental rights, until we have “liberty and justice for all” it’s a farce…