Update #2 – Nope, he didn’t finish the job.  So we did.  Next on the agenda is to let Menards know he didn’t follow through.

Update – got a call from him in response to our call #3, or maybe it was the facebook missive, and he said he’d have it hauled away today, Thursday.  There’s 47 minutes left of Thursday, but something tells me he’s not following through again…


On Monday, we had Eric Eichorn (Eichorn Installation, LLC, P.O. Box 562, Red Wing, MN  55066) remove the old awful floor in the kitchen, and put in a nice new one.  He did a great job.  Except when it was done, and there was a pile o’ crap on the deck, and he was packing up to go, I pointed at the pile and said, “That’s going too?” and he said removal wasn’t covered in the estimate.  When setting it up, I’d left a message asking for verification that removal was included, and then forgot about it… grrrrrrrrr… so we agreed that I’d pay an extra $20 and he’d remove it, and he committed to bring his trailer the next morning and take it away.  That was Monday.  That was three days ago…

Here’s the side yard now, THURSDAY!  It’s still there!  Now it’s a wet mess.  Alan left a message Wednesday morning (651-301-3029) after it didn’t disappear Tuesday, I left a message on Wednesday afternoon, and I’ve left a message this morning.  He’s not returning calls, he’s not taking the crap as promised and as paid to do.


I’ll take this down when he takes the pile o’ crap!