Is anyone paying any attention to whether tRump is keeping up with payments to those funding his house of cards?

Witch hunt?  See the Twit-in-Chief’s most recent “Mainstream Media Accountability Survey,” where he tries to drum up support for his delusional paranoia.  Fill out the survey!  Let him know what you really think.  The insight/incite in this survey is worth the time.

Let’s think about this — 12 Russian intelligence officers are indicted, yet tRump wails and cries about a “Witch Hunt” directed at HIM?  Please, explain the connection?

Here’s the indictment revealed yesterday, yes, 12 Russian intelligence officers.  REAL NEWS made public.

7-13-2018 Indictment

Here it is, REAL NEWS.  This is the Final (5th Order) Climate Science Special Report from the U.S. Global Change Research Program:


Bottom line?  First, note that this is an extensively authored and peer reviewed report, with multiple editors, and coordinating, lead, and contributing authors, and review of peer reviewed articles and journals.  They take great care in explaining “confidence levels,” pps. 6-10, an issue that Power Line Task Force brought before the PUC and Appellate Court over a decade ago regarding EMF:

The purpose?

OK, back to the bottom line — the key findings, p. 38-39:

Now, read it, the Executive Summary at least: