STrib_ows_141697421422038Photo from STrib of woman hit when guy drives car through protest.

In Minneapolis, a guy drives into demonstrators, a couple jump up on the hood to keep from being run over, and one isn’t so lucky, he hits her, pushes her a ways down the street — a miracle that he didn’t run her over.  Watch the video.  Crowd pictured trying to lift the vehicle off her, get him to back up, somehow she’s pulled from underneath, and then he hammers down, almost running over a couple more people.  What the hell is wrong with people?

VIDEO – Peter Lang – STrib – street video and KSTP helicopter video and more street video

STrib: Car plows through protesters during Ferguson rally in south Minneapolis

STrib: Mpls. police: Driver who hit protester was fleeing ‘the mob’ but is considered suspect

VIDEO- KSTP report: Man who drove into Mpls. protesters was trying to get away from crowd

That KSTP piece has been updated to note that the driver is now “suspect” and not “victim” as was stated in previous police report, and are looking for victims and witnesses:

The man drove away from the intersection. Police eventually caught up with him and questioned him. No charges have been filed and the man was not taken into custody. Police are now calling him a suspect in the case.

The Minneapolis Police Department Traffic Unit is actively investigating. Police are asking any injured people or witnesses to call the Traffic Investigations Unit at 612-673-2981.

On the good news side, the STrib has also updated its article, and notes that the MPD announced it is now referring to the driver as the “suspect” and not the “victim” and has referred the matter to the County Attorney (important because the County Attorney handles the larger, heavier offenses).  Not only that, but about the perp,  Jeffrey Patrick Rice:

Rice’s driving history in Minnesota includes three drunken-driving convictions, with the most recent coming in 2003. He’s also been convicted of driving with an open liquor bottle, and driving after his license was canceled and also in violation of restrictions placed on his license. The most recent of these convictions came in early 2008.

From the state’s site (click it for a larger version):


And from the Police Department:


In another incident, later yesterday, a van rams through two groups of demonstrators and the second time, right in front of the cops who go after him, and at the end of this, he’s taken out of the van, into the cop car.

Video of white van driving through protesters and getting arrested

What the hell is wrong with people?


From PolitiFact Wisconsin:

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan compares Madison to Cairo, calls protests over collective bargaining changes “riots”

Yeah right… here’s the proof — SNORT:


Do we — plural, as in “society” — ever learn from history?  I’m the great-grandaughter of a union organizer, never met him, but I heard many times from my mother how much she enjoyed hearing about fighting for workers rights, his stories of working with Debs, and when she talked about that, she lit up with pride and I’d guess, DUH, that is where I got a lot of my world view  (My father also told stories about being a kid and sneaking out during the trucker’s strike, hanging out at Hiawatha-Lake as bullets were flying.).   She was better at believing her beliefs than living them, oh, I could tell you stories, but did support my education, from way, way back, from the pre-kindergarten days of going to the library filling the back seat with books to get me through the week, and I’m feeling like it’s time to dig back and learn more about that GREAT great-grandfather of mine.


Today I got this email from Guy Wolf, with a link to an Assembly session recording, and am listening to this as I type, and am so appalled about what’s going on in Wisconsin, by the unprecedented anti-democratic acts of the Republicans in power.   IN THE ASSEMBLY EVEN — OH MY DOG!

Kudos to Rep. Peter Barca, Minority Leader from the 64th District, Kenosha, WOW, he is telling it as it was.  And Rep. Gordon Hintz, from Oshkosh, what an eloquent statement, and Rep. Roy… (all their contact info here) this is something everyone should see.   Click the link (it’s below in Guy’s email too) for

02.18.11 | Assembly Floor Session (Part 4)

The Republican majority started the meeting without the Democrats, BEFORE THE DESIGNATED TIME TO START, and started passing amendments without them!

Rep. Corey Mason:

“Being in the majority doesn’t mean that you can take away people’s freedom”


Here’s the email from Guy:

Dozens of family, friends, have Emailed me asking what is happening in the State of WI at this moment in history. Without partisanship, without rancor, without comment, I ask that you observe one video, not of protestors, not of political pundits, but simply 40 minutes of time in the WI Legislature.


Yesterday, at approximately 4:55pm on Friday February 18th, a historic moment took place on the floor of the WI State Assembly (January 2011 Special Session of the Legislature).  I highly recommend you view the video, that you purchase the video and disseminate it to teachers, faculty, staff, to educators across the State of WI and beyond. Because the video has contractual rights that you must agree too, I strongly suggest you agree to those rights,  The video is historic It will be remembered in WI and US History. Please post and repost.


Guy Wolf,

The video is the 4th posted video on the page, It is listed as 2.18.11
THIS IS A MUST SEE… Take some time and see how the “new boss” majority is behaving… OH MY DOG!

Yesterday, I also received an email, even more disturbing… there was a call, well email, to turn out people for a Town Meeting held by the Rep. at the district next door, Rep. Steve Drazkowski is holding a Town Hall meeting in Plainview today, from 2-4.  Here’s what the email said:

We are getting word that the unions are intending to pack the Town Hall meeting being hosted by Representative Drazkowski and Benson this Saturday at the Plainview Legion from 2-4pm.  Please send word to your email list and let folks know it is time to stand shoulder to shoulder with our conservative lawmakers! They are being our strong voice in St. Paul and know we have the opportunity to show our appreciation by attending this meeting and defending the principles we all value!

(emphasis in original — I took the signature block off because it was a forward, but it was someone sending this with a company signature block, oh my…)

OH, can’t have union members at a meeting, now, can we… 

To be clear, the “principles” they’re espousing are NOT principles that I value or support.

It’s really a bad idea to send me this sort of crap during a solar flare when I’ve got a brief due… I could go on about the back and forth after that, but let’s just say that part of it included a link here: 

Wisconsin Freedom Rally to Support Scott Walker

No, I don’t think so…