The Public Utilities Commission has been trying to get information out of “New Era Wind Farm, LLC” about the Goodhue Wind Project.  Search Legalectric for “Goodhue” and you’ll find a LOT about it.

Here are the latest PUC Information Requests:

PUC’s Information Request, October 11, 2012

And today, Peter Mastic … hmmmmmm… in the summer, would we call him “Tan Mastic” and is that the key to how he it all holds together?


Anyway, Peter Mastic filed responses last week, probably from his new Goodhue, Minnesota office…


… and the PUC eFiled them today:

New Era Response to PUC Information Requests – Nov 19 2012

Some of the responses are VERRRRRRRRRRY INTERESTING…

Here’s the final response and the most interesting one, raising Force d’ Manure (click for larger view, or download the info request responses and scroll down to the end):

December, 2011, that’s when Trishe Wind bought National Wind, and Trishe didn’t take on the Goodhue Wind project, wanted nothing to do with it.  So when exactly did that happen?  Likely in December, 2011, when Trishe Wind bought National Wind, and if so, well, that was nearly a year ago.  We’d just found out about Trishe in what, September?  And we find out about this Force de Manure notice now and the notice was given to Xcel Energy last December?  Ummmmm… I’d think this is something the Commission should have received notice on… and the public too, of course.

I’m going to print these out and read them as I make some bread — the oven’s fixed now and I’m not about to start buying bread anytime soon!

And for those looking to remove Mastic, here’s just the folks to do it:

Flooring Authority, Inc – Surface Preparation

They note that “When flooring is removed often there is one or many layers of “sticky stuff” aka…mastic, that needs to be removed.  Complete floor mastic removal is always best.”  Mastic removal?  OK, let’s get to it!