The rain has just turned to snow, the mess is heading south… at the “Environmental Congress” right now, and Gov. Dayton must be here because there’s a big police presence… well, for Bloomington, that is.

Last night was Getting Real About Climate Changeat Mayflower Church, part of the 2013 League of Women Voters Minneapolis Health Legacy Forum. It was very well attended, though heavy in the silver-haired crowd.

I grew up at Mayflower, that’s where I learned about the importance of participation and a sense of stewardship, some responsibility for this world and conditions of life in it.  My parents were both very involved for over 50 years, and I called the organizers of this event, and emailed too, about getting a booth.  The organizer left a message, I called back, we had a positive chat, and explained some about who I am and what I do, Legalectric and No CapX 2020, and it was no problem, asked about cost and there was none, and I got to drafting handouts, getting a poster printed.  Got there and, well, funny how that works… the bottom line was that I was told that someone talked to someone and suddenly I was not welcome, amid a couple rounds of caning and assumptions, and though the source was not identified, this is not rocket science…

Well, Rev. Sarah Campbell was indeed welcoming, it was good to see her again, a joy as always.  I can see why my mother thought so much of her.

And never mind the LWV bottom line — we had a table in the van and got set up right inside the dining room door.  Handed out more than a few flyers, 200 minus about 6 left over of my Grist piece:

Transmission Lies – published in Grist 2/3/2009

Minnesota land is being taken by Xcel and landowners pay the price

HERC Garbage Burner — Myths and Facts

And while we’re talking about “getting real about climate change,” what is it going to take to tie the Renewable Energy Standard to closing down coal plants?  As of now, there’s no connection, and the RES has zip, squat, to do with production of CO2.  Second, now that through CapX 2020 transmission we’re locked into 50 years of central station coal, how will anything have an impact?  Since we’ve given them access to market, why would they shut down those big existing coal plants?

Issues to be raised upstairs at the break out session.  Back to it… almost LIVE from the Ramada in Bloomington: