He says goodbye to Yucca Mountain, and in with a Federal Transmission bill — what a deal…


Yes, it’s that bad.  Call everyone…

Clean Renewable Energy and Economic Development Act as introduced

Here’s the DRAFT bill:

Senate Transmission Bill


One thing it would do that’s wrong-headed: If it’s claimed to be “for renewable” it’s presumed “needed.”  What’s wrong with that?

1) Rebuttable Presumption is a shift of the burden of proof.  On what basis?  DUE PROCESS RED FLAGS!

2) What about a commitment to any percentage of renewable changes whether it is needed or not, what about a percentage changes impacts on environment, property values or EMF or or or or or.  Electrons don’t care, cannot be ID’d as to generation, and impacts on environment and ratepayers remains the same no matter what’s on it.

3) FERC mandates that transmission be open to all comers — it pretends that it’s “for renewables” when FERC says transmission servces whoever is there, ready to interconnect.

4) What about need:

Nothing about “renewable” claim changes whether it is needed, whether there is a better way, whether those MW could be accomplished through conservation, through load shifting.
Nothing about “renewable” claim address whether renewables could be produced close to load, whether taking nonrenewables off near renewable site or in other locations would make room for renewables (maybe demonstrate this by taking a map with generation and xmsn on it, and highlight coal plants existing and in queue and how many MW there — you’ll see that’s where the transmission is planned)

5) Unreasonably favors that 70%, non-renewable, contrary to policy

6) RES – use of electricity is down, we don’t need MORE, instead we need to shift the percentages to a higher percentage of renewables.

(Maybe offer rebuttable presumption for renewable replacing coal generation and interconnecting at that site?  HA!)


… starting with that dreadful Sen. Amy Klobuchar:

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