Bluster blather from Kenyon Wind

December 31st, 2010


Oh, man, I am really scared now!!!  See something new every day…  John Daniels has filed the following “Notice of Intent” letter on behalf of Kenyon Wind, LLC:

Daniels-Kenyon Wind “Notice of Intent”


EH?  Oh, OK, ja, sure, whatever… I’ll just shake and quake in my boots until the Motion for Reconsideration is really filed… Notice of Intent?  WTF?  Never seen one of those before!


…. yawn….

Remember, Kenyon Wind was the first C-BED project out of the chute, oh, excuse me, not THAT C-BED, but THIS C-BED, the statute. Kenyon Wind was a wind project promoted by the principals of non-profit Windustry, and Kenyon Wind was the wind project that planned to put a turbine and substation on former Speaker Steve Sviggum’s land (see Section 13 on the R)…


…and I’m sure you all remember how helpful the Speaker was in passing the 2005 Chapter 97 – Transmission Omnibus Bill from Hell that gave birth to C-BED and gave the utilities everything they every wanted and more to be able to go forward with CapX 2020 transmission criss-crossing the state with transmission for export:


In the meantime, see the following (the one posted just above this) post on how it’s done.  Todd Guererro, on behalf of AWA Goodhue Wind, has filed one even better, a Notice of Motion and Motion for Summary Disposition.  Yup, AWA Goodhue Wind has a disposition problem all right!

After four years, finally, the Public Utilities Commission has denied an extension of the old, old permit.  Kenyon Wind was first applied for way back in 2006.  To see the full PUC record, go to and go to “Search eDockets” and then search for “06-1445.”  Recently, because their permit was expiring, it was granted and then two years was extended for two years, they came back to the PUC for yet another extension.

Here’s the report from the Red Wing Republican Eagle:


Kenyon Wind project in doubt after state denies permit extension

They haven’t built this project, despite being issued a permit on July 18, 2007, nearly a year after they’d applied.  Since that time, much has changed.  Goodhue County passed its Goodhue County Wind Ordinance.   The laws for Community Based Energy Development (C-BED) have changed, amended each year since it was passed.  And the Kenyon Wind Project has changed:


Here’s the CFER’s Comment:

CFERS Comment

Here’s Kenyon Wind’s comments:

Kenyon Wind Response to Comments

And the PUC denied the permit, 3-2.  Commissioners Pugh, O’Brien and Wergin voting to Chair Boyd and Judge Reha were the two voting against denial of Kenyon Wind’s request for extension.

EEEEEEEEEEEEE-HA!!!  It took four years, but this vaporware project is finally dead!