Injured, but not dead!

April 21st, 2010


I’ve had a few inquiries as to whether I was dead!  So FYI — no, sorry Xcel, I’m not, but when my Kady-doggy went after Lake, the big happy yellow lab down the block, no way could/would I let go and she took me with her, I took a dive, and without my generous padding, I’d be flat on my back in Ortho with a tib-fib fx and external fixator… OH MY DOG!!!!  I hit right below my knee and thought I’d broken it, that little 1″ spot bruised instantly and darkly, but it wasn’t broken.  Then overnight my leg from the knee down swelled up so bad I could barely get pants on, and my ankle all around turned the most vivid purple, and over the next two days, it slowly creeped upward to my knee.  Felt like it was going to burst!  The part I landed on remained just a small spot of purple and everything else was a psychedelic collage.  Shoes?  Forget it!  Walk?  Hobble at best… Finally, after ice packs, TEDs, and 6 days later, I can say with confidence, YUP! I am going to live.

So back to work!