EV Charging Station at Duluth’s Rail Museum Parking Lot

There’s been some discussion here in Red Wing and Goodhue Cunty about the city installing infrastructure for charging electric vehicles.  There’s a charger at the Kwik Trip on the west side of town, but I think that’s a slow charger, a regular outlet that would take forever to amount to anything.  The Red Wing City Council voted to approve a charging station in the LaGrange parking ramp, and to request a grant to cover part of the cost, estimated at about $10,000 (!!).

In the meantime, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission has opened a docket looking into a few policy issues about electric charging:

In mid-March there will be a public workshop hosted by the PUC, and then there will be a comment period on these topics, and more:

This ties into what Red Wing and Goodhue County are looking into and could affect that.

Interested in receiving notices and participating in the workshop and discussion?  Contact:

Hanna Terwilliger: hanna.terwilliger@state.mn.us  or  (651) 201-2243

Kelly Martone: kelly.martone@state.mn.us  or  (651) 201-2245

If Evanston, WY, in the midst of gas/oil country can do it…