The  “Beige Book” report for the 9th Federal Reserve District, HQ’d in Minneapolis, is out.  It’s a bunch of anecdotes put together for the economic whizzes — what I don’t understand is what use  such an informal compilation of snippets would be?  If they’re looking for guidance in making their decisions, I would think they’d want something with greater substance?!?!?!  Or if they want “info light,” just go for a drive around the district!

The name, “Beige Book,” on its own draws analogies to depression of another variety — maybe whoever came up with that wasn’t thinking beyond this little task, but it leave us with no doubt what’s in between those covers!  Pass the Prozac!

Beige Book – Minneapolis – 9th District

Three sentences stood out:

In contrast, a heavy infrastructure contractor in Minnesota and Wisconsin saw improvement in its market segment.
… and…
An engineering firm that supports the mining and energy sector noted an increase in activity.
… and…
A Minnesota energy management consultant noted an increase in orders.