UPDATE: When this was posted at 10:32 a.m. yesterday there was N-O-T-H-I-N-G on #bluelivesmatter, nothing at all, not on twitter, not on facebook.  Nothing reporting that the shooting that had happened, and nothing on the capture of Scott Michael Greene.  N-O-T-H-I-N-G!  It was “noticed” over and over on the twitterverse.  What was there elsewhere were statements blaming BLM and Muslims for the assassinations.  And now there are posts on #bluelivesmatter on facebook ($50 says a couple are backdated) And many commenters are blaming Obama!  How does that happen?  In what world does that make any sense?


UPDATE: Judge ordered Des Moines shooting suspect to move out of mom’s home

UPDATE: Police shooter a ‘monster,’ Des Moines police chief says



#bluelivesmatter is silent…

Two police officers were shot in Iowa early this a.m., and immediately, the wingnut twitter universe started in with declarations that this was a #blacklivesmatters and/or Islamic terrorist act.  NOT!  Thankfully the Des Moines police almost as quickly had named Scott Michael Greene as a suspect, and he was arrested quickly, without incident, by a DNR officer.

Another white male domestic terrorist.  This is Scott Michael Greene at the Urbandale High School stadium, waving around a Confederate flag during the National Anthem, despite Urbandale HS prohibitions of Confederate flags.  This is the sort of thing that Trump and his campaign have encouraged, with actions, statements at campaign rallies, and endorsements by KKK, David Duke, and others, they’ve given free rein, free reign, to hate.  Folks, NO, it’s not OK.


Here’s his house at 3422 70th St., Urbandale, IA (confirmed on Google maps, where it looks like he’s out mowing his lawn!):


Scott Michael Green was a time bomb.  He’s a known problem.  Seems Greene was arrested in 2001 on charges of domestic assault, assault causing bodily injury and fourth-degree criminal mischief and charged with drunken driving in 2010 (needs confirmation).  He was charged with first-degree harassment in 2014.  Details on Greene’s 2014 arrests here:

Scott Michael Green was convicted in combative 2014 encounters

In that incident, Greene was accused of approaching a man in the parking lot and shined a flashlight in his eyes. Greene, who lived in the apartments, called the man the N-word and told the man “I will kill you, (expletive) kill you,” according to the complaint. Greene pleaded guilty to a lesser harassment charge on June 30, 2014, and was sentenced to one year of probation.

In a discharge report filed in June 2015 a probation officer wrote that Greene had received a mental health evaluation and “reports to have complied with the medication recommendations.”

Here’s Greene’s own video after he was taken out of the stadium in Urbandale, which is located at the intersection where one of the officers was shot:

Good to know the Des Moines and Urbandale police had him on their radar, but unfortunate it took Greene’s killing of two police officers to recognize how dangerous this guy was.

This is an example of what happens when hate is let loose.  I hope that this election’s fear-mongering and hateful furor isn’t a Pandora’s box, but my fear is that this is now accepted as OK.  NO, HATE IS NOT OK.  Choose love!



Donald J. Trump Foundation

October 5th, 2016


Trump Foundation’s IRS Form 990-PF (Private Foundation) shows that he gives a “little” here and a “little” there (oh, say $2-25,000), but gives $100,000 to the Citizens United Foundation.  A little light reading from the Donald J. Trump Foundation as we approach election day — Clinton Foundation is next.  These three are the only available on GuideStar:

2014 IRS Form 990-PF Trump Foundation

2013 IRS Form 990-PF Trump Foundation

2012 IRS Form 990-PF Trump Foundation

State Attorney General Orders Trump Foundation to Cease Raising Money in New York

Trump Foundation ordered to stop fundraising by N.Y. attorney general’s office

Cracks in the Donald J. Trump Foundation: Report alleges self-dealing

Trump Foundation lacks the certification required for charities th

ows_145818241516183-AP Photo SethPeriman

AP Photo – Seth Periman

There’s a good editorial in the STrib today about Donald Drumpf’s abject incompetence and nailing journalists for not reporting it, not holding him accountable, not exposing it, and the bottom line:

But the media in general haven’t really made enough of it. Journalists are quick to accuse him of bullying and bigotry (and rightly so), but he’s rarely called grossly incompetent for his basic factual understanding of the world, or even called out on his inability to speak coherently.

Here’s the full OpEd:

The scariest thing about Trump is his incoherent gibberish.

This headline puts it well, and “incoherent gibberish” is exactly the sort of thing we often heard from Sarah Palin.  It is just bunches of words, often code words a la Wallace’s hate speech, puked out and strung together, and it does not make any sense.  Read it.  Worse, read it out loud!

What does it mean when there’s such strong support for someone who cannot even speak sufficiently well to communicate a coherent thought?  What does this say about his thought process if this is what comes out?  And what does it say about media, where reporters do not raise their eyebrows, screw up their snouts, and say, “WHAT?”  “What did you say?”  “What do you mean?”  “What you said makes no sense, what are you trying to say?”  “What on earth are you talking about?”

Here’s the transcript of his meeting with the Washington Post editorial board, something that I want to preserve in case they disappear it, it’s that _________ (scary?  mind boggling?  bizarre?  inexplicable?).

A transcript of Donald Trump’s meeting with The Washington Post editorial board – The Washington Post

I’m confident that he will not be elected President, one way or another, but that he is regarded as a contender, and that he is commanding so much of our country’s collective time, OH MY DOG!