No Santa this year!

December 24th, 2012

The good thing about being agnostic this time of year is that we’ve got no expectations, religious or secular.  And that’s a good thing, because Santa sure isn’t coming down our chimney this year!

We’ve got a fancy-schmancy hot water heater working now, vented through the wall, plus a pulse boiler to be installed and connected to the radiators soon (currently using a hot air furnace in the basement, keeping the basement door open and it’s just fine, though it was on so low when we were in DE that it’s taken a couple of days to really get the house warmed up again).  The chimney sticks up through the middle of the house and really gets in the way in the attic, so it’s long been on the agenda to get rid of it.  Today’s the day, so that’s it for Santa!

First, a hole in the basement to pull out the liner:


Then a hole in the attic roof to break up the chimney and bring the top inside and start tearing down and making room in the attic:


dsc01218And now, to button it up… quick!