The DRAFT Environmental Impact Statement for the Ottertail-WIlkin CO2 pipeline is out and open for comment.

Yes, this is a relatively “small” project, it’s that little rectangle in the above map, but as the first CO2 pipeline going through permitting in Minnesota, it’s a precedent setter. Issues include the environmental impacts, the risks, the costs, the financing scheme, whether this collection of CO2 from ethanol plants and shipping it to ??? to use??? to store underground??? whether it will make a dent in CO2 production. From my experience with CO2 capture and storage, I think it’s a lot of hoopla for a projects that costs billions and which will make the project owners very wealthy and not do much, if anything, for us. However, that being said, I need to check out the details. You can too — right here:

OtterTail_to_Wilkin_CO2_Pipeline_Project_Draft EIS_all chapters.pdf
Appendix A Final Scoping Decision.pdf
Appendix B Detailed Route Maps_Part1.pdf
Appendix B Detailed Route Maps_Part2.pdf
Appendix B Detailed Route Maps_Part3.pdf
Appendix B Detailed Route Maps_Part4.pdf
Appendix B Detailed Route Maps_Part5.pdf
Appendix B Detailed Route Maps_Part6.pdf
Appendix B Detailed Route Maps_Part7.pdf
Appendix B Detailed Route Maps_Part8.pdf

Another CCS scam bites the dust

October 10th, 2022

Here’s a real DOH! which could have been avoided, but DOE through several administrations keep throwing good money after bad for carbon capture and storage pipedream:

The ill-fated Petra Nova CCS project: NRG Energy throws in the towel

NRG’s Petra Nova project $$$:

Short version? FAIL! From the article:

Following this FAIL, the understatement of the century, from the article:

Yet CCS is a big part of the latest federal energy efforts. It’s also a huge boondoggle for not just outfits like NRC, but for certain “non-profits” like Great Plains Institute:

And check out these salaries:

Great Plains Institute helped push coal gasification, for extreme amounts of money…

Great Plains Institute – is Joyce getting their $$ worth?

January 18th, 2007

… but that pales in comparison for the dollars for this recent round of “carbon capture” promotional funding. Unreal…

Once more with feeling — carbon capture is not real, is not workable, is a waste of $$ and effort.