Our new BLOB!

September 30th, 2010


Alan noticed that I haven’t posted photos of our new grrrrrrrl.   Can that be?  We got her just over a month ago, and she’s not at all what I expected, we weren’t looking for a dog, and I was glad to only have one, and an easy one at that.    Kady is just the best doggy around.  But when I took a dog down to Dog Days of Stockholm, well, there she was, head on my shoulder the whole way and how could I bring a dog like that back to the shelter?  Sadie, that’s her name from the shelter, and with Kady it gets confusing.   She’s small, mostly black/chocolate lab, just 50 lbs, and 50 lbs of solid muscle.  At 10 months now, won’t get much bigger.


She eats everything, but especially toilet paper, full rolls, and electrical cords plugged in, shoes, and one of the couches, and has helped us pull up the “Kenya” rug in the living and dining room.  Oh, and she ate a library book.  Not good.  Other than that, she is a delight, and keeps us hopping.

Here are a couple from my phone, sitting on the “poop deck” at my office door,  and in the office, they don’t convey her spirit at all…  More to follow — I got a new camera after having lost the other one I’ve had for so long… though it might be in the boat, or Washington, or left at the PUC or some meeting or other…



She’s “the BLOB” based on the extensive previous and extensive older shep with new lab mix experiences of our dear friend Sierra on Doggyspace!