Tomorrow there are FOUR AWA Goodhue Wind dockets at the PUC, a siting docket where a Draft Permit is proposed, a Certificate of Need docket, and two Power Purchase Agreement dockets.

MOES Reply Comments – Siting Docket 08-1233

Staff Briefing Papers – PPA Dockets 09-1349 and 09-1350

Staff Briefing Papers – Certificate of Need 09-1186

So in response to that:

Goodhue Wind Truth – Siting Docket Comment 08-1233

Goodhue Wind Truth Comment – CoN & PPA 09-1186, 09-1349, 09-1350

To look up the dockets, go to and then “Search eDockets” and then search for the docket numbers, as above.

And check out the Goodhue Wind Truth site.

What’s the big deal?  Well, they want to site this project when the maps provided in the application are way way off, as in claiming land rights where they have none, “forgetting” to put homes on the map, that sort of thing.  No environmental review has been done and it’s a BIG project, the “Environmental Report” won’t be done until June — so why is this before the PUC now? And they claim it’s a C-BED project which has some preference in the scheme of Power Purchase Agreements and fulfilling the renewable energy mandate when it’s not exactly local ownership — remember those T. Boone Pickens articles last week? Pickens comes to Goodhue?


Pickens wind turbines come to Goodhue