Domestics over the weekend

November 17th, 2013

Getting caught up on some stuff, like recycling an entire van of electronics (thank you Best Buy) and getting speakers, 3 amps and a tuner in for repair, but of all the “normal” stuff, the best of all is getting the “new” buffet into the dining room, what a thrill.  Soon it will be up on the wall, and there’s a window behind it, behind the plaster … why plaster over a window?  Probably because it went into the attached garage that was added some time ago.  And it looks from that window like there was a buffet there.  I mean, this is a 4 square, it has the archway with the cabinets on the sides, and there’s no buffet!  What gives?  Well, folks, there is one now!  Soon it will be on the wall up to the ceiling, and we’ll have a “new” 12 foot long countertop, oak or marble, and we’re good to go!  The window… well, we’re pretending with the picture frame.  I’m not convinced we need to see the top of the van in the garage, but the jury is out…


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