Those folks have been working overtime…

EQB Meeting
September 19, 2013
1:00 p.m.
MPCA Building, Basement
Lafayette & University
St. Paul, MN

Below is the EQB packet for the September 18, 2013 meeting.  There’s a Silica Sand Update, and their view of “Standards and Criteria” begins on p. 13, there are 19 pages.

The good news is there’s some good stuff there.  Of course I like that they’re using my format.  It not all bad, for instance, that they’re clear that the standards and criteria apply statewide, because, DOH!  It’s criteria based, and the applications, and the issues they’re regulating, occur in only specific places.  SE Minnesota isn’t special, it’s just a place where protections of our natural resources are needed, and of course, natural resources including ones of the homo sapien variety!

Here is the EQB packet for the September 18, 2013 meeting — it starts at 1 p.m., down in the basement of the MPCA building:

EQB Board Packet 9-18-13.

So the first thing anyone with any interest in this should do is to QUICK fire off a missive requesting a Rulemaking (DNR, MPCA, EQB) Advisory Committee, indicating whether or not they’d like to serve on it.

Here’s what I send them:

Overland_Comments_Sept 8

How can you weigh in?  Just send a simple email to:  jeff.smyser@state.mn.us, bob.patton@state.mn.us, kate.frantz@state.mn.us

Subject: Silica Sand Rulemaking – EQB, MPCA and DNR

Please establish an Advisory Committee for the EQB, MPCA and DNR Rulemakings. 
I am willing to serve on the Advisory and would like to be considered as a member (if you would like to go to meetings and work on this).


Your name here
Your address, phone and email here

Here’s what EQB staff put in its packet to the Board — WOW.   I hope they know more about rulemaking process than they’re letting on here!

Also note they claim they only received 23 comments in response to their Request for Rulemaking.  That’s a pathetic response!  I’ll fire off a FOIA request to get the Comments.

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