Photo by Bruce A. Scruton/New Jersey Herald Construction workers install a silt fence along a right-of-way off Mount Holly Road, in Stillwater on Tuesday, as work  continues on the Susquehanna-Roseland power line.

Photo by Bruce A. Scruton/New Jersey Herald

New Jersey Herald – Powerline Access Road Underway in Park

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this has to be reported.  There will be more bad news about transmission on the NoCapX 2020 site about that big web of transmission lines in Minnesota.  Here, now, it’s about the Susquehanna-Roseland transmission through Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

People in the Midwest do not have a clue how beautiful New Jersey is.  We think of Newark (actually, I liked Newark, spent time there for the hearing before Board of Public Utilities), we think of Elizabeth, Bayonne, we think of concrete, boarded up buildings, extreme poverty, desloation, and maybe Atlantic City which has problems of its own, and while that’s all a part of New Jersey, we need to be aware of not just Newark but of Newton… of Sparta, of  Stillwater, New Jersey, which is quite similar to Stillwater, Minnesota.  Get acquainted with the rolling hills, farm fields, the pines and granite of northwestern New Jersey.

Special thanks to Dave Slaperud of Stop the Lines and Scott Olson and his Route B Info list for keeping the world informed.

What’s the Susquehanna-Roseland line?  Once more with feeling, that sinking feeling…

This post by Bill Wolfe has some beautiful and disturbing photos, the beautiful New Jersey countryside they’re tearing up as we speak:

Watergap Powerline Destruction Starts

Lisa Chammings, of Stillwater, New Jersey, has a hayfield that they’re ripping up, despite promises that she could mow the hay underneath.  It’s been raining, everything’s wet, no way to get hay, and, well, see that NJ Herald photo above?  That’s her hay field that they’re in!


The transmission towers will be about twice as high, it’s going to be a TRI-BUNDLED 500 kV transmission line.  WOW.


The Delaware Water Gap is under siege right now, and will no longer look like this:


Here’s what they’re doing there, running a line between Pennsylvania and New Jersey:


National Park Service sold us all out for $60 million, and is allowing the transmission line to go through.  Thanks.  Let’s hear it for the public interest.

The Susquehanna-Roseland transmission line is one that President Obama ordered fast-tracked, as if it wasn’t moving along fast enough:

Obama “fast tracks” transmission?!?!?!

Obama’s Transmission BS in the News

What does Obama’s Xmsn push mean?

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