And the race is on…

November 7th, 2006

and here comes pride up the back stretch,
heartache a goin’ to the inside…

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! I can’t take it, my gut is turning… Second place just won’t cut it on this binary day. THIS ELECTION HAS TO BE DIFFERENT!

AND IT IS DIFFERENT, IN A BIG WAY, but my gut is still turning because it looks awful…
Races on my list that are interesting or winnable but not a foregone conclusion (click for link to Secretary of State):

Obviously the Gov’s race … sob…
What happened in Duluth? Where did the votes go in SD7?

Secretary of State
Mark Ritchie wins!!!

And US Senate
Amy Klobuchar wins!!!

Keith Ellison wins!!!


House District 3A
Tom Anzelc wins!!!

House District 17B
Jeremy Kalin wins!!!

House District 27B
Jean Poppe wins!!!

House District 28A
Sandy Wollschlager wins!!!

House District 29A
eeeeeeuw…. Wes Urevig lost…

House District 31B
House District 35A
Doug Zila lost, but not by much for a first try.

House District 36B
Paul Hardt lost, but also less than 2,000

House District 42A
Maria Ruud won again!!!

House District 57B
Eileen Webber lost, and the Independence candidate didn’t make much of a difference

And somehow Bly won this time… 57 votes, 2002 reversed… amazing, how did that happen?


Senate District 03
Tom Saxhaug didn’t get nearly the challenge he deserved

Senate District 17
Bill Neuman barely registered

Senate District 26
Jeremy Eller gained some ground, but not even close

Senate District 27
Dan Sparks really carried the District this time

Senate District 28 (oh, this one makes me cringe…)
Drazkowski got an amazing number of votes for a guy who thinks the Minute Men should be guarding our borders. Too scary for words.

Senate District 38
Jim Carlson did it! YES!

Senate District 41

Andrew Borene, the withdrawn-in-disgrace candidate who got caught by his wife and they both ended up with assault charges and he admits ETOH problem (did he ever really check in for treatment?) got twice the votes of Julie Risser. Plus the DFL put out a sample ballot with Borene’s name on it? What are they thinking?
Senate District 57
Katie Sieben won… well I’ll be! Almost 2:1

Lots of dogs in the fight today.
Oh, and Waseca County Commissioner District 4
Nancy Prehn lost…

Off to get distracted… yeah, that’s it…

Distraction was good, I’ll post some photos manana. But the biggest dog of all, even if they find the Duluth votes, is probably down. How many votes are attributible to Wente the Hatch(et)? 1.75% maybe? So all these hours later, my stomach is still turning.

One Response to “And the race is on…”

  1. Stephanie Henriksen Says:

    To the Republican reporter who made hay over a comment from Mike Hatch in defense of Judi Dutcher in the final days of the race, I say, “A pox on you.” And may you run with that to see what damage you can do to me as well.

    Isn’t a reporter supposed to keep themselves out of the issue, not the subject of news? And the fact unaddressed is whether Wente is or is not a “Republican whore.”

    Mike Hatch was one of the few genuine champions of the people I have run across here in Minnesota. He travelled many miles to farm forums; he supported the right of townships to their own zoning. He was our hero.

    Another 4 years under Gov. Pawlenty and Commissioner of Ag Hugoson and there won’t be an independent farmer left in the state. Large interests will have it all. I wonder if folks in rural areas understood that when they voted for him.

    Stephanie Henriksen, farmer
    Rice County

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