MN Chamber testimony is posted

November 7th, 2006

For those of you waiting for the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce testimony in the Excelsior coal gasification Mesaba project, the Chamber is an Intervenor against the Mesaba Project… I was going to say it’s posted, but now… WHERE IS IT??? OK, off on the hunt… EEEEEEEEEEEEHA, there it is — Thanks again to Sean Hayford O’Leary, my savior computer guy… how does he do it?!?!

Here’s the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Bill Blazar Surrebuttal testimony, and now it’s here in the “Gassify This” post with all the other surrebuttal testimony too.

William Blazar Testimony – Surrebuttal

mcc-blazar-reply-testimony.pdf – Rebuttal

This is “must read” tesitmony — shows you what way the wind is blowing on Excelsior’s coal gasification project called Mesaba. All this stuff is “MUST READ” but it’s torturous. For the last week or so, this has been my job, one of those times when ADD is assuredly a problem, trying to stay nailed down in one place long enough to read, but the good news is that being steeped in it has triggered at least a couple of fundamental new understandings, particularly one triggered by the MPCA testimony, about the impact of efficiency loss on emissions. I just love it when that lightbulb goes on!

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