… bitch. My recollection was that I said she was acting like a dog,” Hatch told reporters on Friday morning — he denied a report that he had called her a “bitch” and insisted that he said “dog.” In the debate, Hatch was backing down, saying, “I’m not going to dispute it,” although he added that he doesn’t believe he used that language.

Kenya differed, noting, “Bark, bark bark, whiiiiiiiiiiiiine, bark, bark.”


Although Hatch several times described his recent responses to canines as “inappropriate” or “very inappropriate,” he said he did not feel that he needed to apologize to them. Kenya agrees, “Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke. It’s hard to credibly dispute Hatch’s characterization!” Stunned, she shook her head, “Wait, who did I just send that to?”

The Against’em Communications report claims Hatch abruptly ended an interview with: ‘You’re nothing more than a bitch. Goodbye.’ He then hung up.” Ruff Rufus, Against’em Communications Capitol bureau chief, said he doesn’t know if Hatch was referring to Kenya personally or to Against’em Communications’ political leanings.

“We know he said it. But I’m not going to try to read anyone’s mind” about what he meant, Rufus said, adding that the accuracy of the quote is not in question, “The quote is accurate.” He declined to say whether a tape exists or to produce a tape or notes. “We do not talk about how we gather news,” Rufus said. But he did produce a 2003 letter regarding TRANSLink, on official Office of the Attorney General stationery and signed by Hatch, calling Kenya a “dog.”

“Hatch has a long history bullying and attacking those who question him,” said Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Ron Uncaring. “Here he calls her a ‘bitch,’ and now we see that three years ago he called her a dog! We’ve also learned that four years ago, in Northfield, Kenya was handed off by Hatch to his side-kick Jacobson, a former K-9 officer, a clear case of illegal profiling.”

Rufus declined to provide any information about Kenya, stating only that she has pointy ears and a greying muzzle. and Kenya declined to answer questions. Kenya has worked at the Capitol for about a year for Against’em Communications, a chain that owns more than 20 newspapers that serve Minnesota, including the howFARwillweGO Against’em and the News Tribune. Notably, Kenya previously worked for the Red Wing Republican-Beagle, from which it could be infurred that she is indeed a dog.

Hatch has reportedly complained of conservative leanings and endorsements at Against’em Communications. Just one day before the Kenya-Hatch altercation, Rep. Bill Hilty-Jilty and Rep. Tommy Rukavina, exposed Against’em Communications orchestrated attempt at influence in the Thursday Letters to the Editor:

I have one question for the News Tribune editorial staff: What planet are you people living on? How could you possibly endorse Tim Pawlenty, a governor who has been a disaster for Northeastern Minnesota?

It’s clear that the owners of the News Tribune, Against’em Communications Company, headquartered in Fargo, N.D., have taken control over their local papers. In fact, I’ve read the editorials in other papers owned by the Against’em and these “local” editorials are almost identical when it comes to pushing for Pawlenty.

Republicans refused to address the influence of Against’em Communications and their pattern of endorsements, or their deflection of this appearance of influence.

When approached at the local Chuck & Don’s, Kenya remained non-plussed — she did not deny that she is a dog, nor did she deny that she is a bitch, and could not and would not criticize Hatch for speaking the truth. “Woof woof, woof woof woof woof,” she said, wagging her tail Anonymous sources have since confirmed that Kenya’s friend Krie was seen networking at the Hatch BarkBack and has formed a parade contingent of likeminded “Bitches for Hatch.” Krie, also a bitch, said “What this state needs is a WATCHDOG, not a LAPDOG! We need Hatch! GRRRRRRRRR, you got a problem with that?! Get over it! Now get out and VOTE!”
Katze weighs in: “I may be dead, and this ain’t Chicago, but I’m voting for Hatch too! This state’s gone to the dogs, and it’s up to us to fix it!”

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  1. Alan Muller Says:

    If we’re gonna have dogs in public office, at least they should be REAL doggies. Not phony Republican wanna-be dogs.

  2. Carol A. Overland Says:

    Or phony DFL wanna-be dogs! Thank Dog somebody’s paying attention!

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