We’ve all heard about “Fightin’ Bob,” but we’re hearing way too much from “Whinin’ Ed.” Ed Garvey, in a recent blog, was decrying Gov. Doyle’s support for taking county land for the Arrowhead Transmission Line. Well, DUH, what else would Doyle do but pave the way for utilities?

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Here’s a snippet from Garvey’s blog on eminent domain:

Ah, but not in Wisconsin. No siree! In the land of La Follette, Muir, Leopold and Nelson, John Gard and Jim Doyle agreed to expand the reach of eminent domain. I’m not kidding. In Wisconsin, private utilities can exercise eminent domain power over all private property and, thanks to Gard and Doyle, they now have the same right to take public land. Think about it.

Back to the definition. It is the power of “the sovereign.” In Gard-Doyleland, private corporations are now “sovereign.” Unbelievable. Wisconsin now leads the nation in giving power over our land to private corporations while other states rush in the opposite direction. What do you think?

Well, Ed, here’s what I think (there’s no comment option on your blog!):

The Democrats in Wisconsin have done some serious bonding with the utilities. Here’s a few details of politics in Wisconsin. You need only look as far as Chuck Chvala, state Senator who was charged with what, 18… 20 felonies for taking money from lobbyists and funnelling it to various Democratic coffers.

Here’s an example of how it went down from the Milwaukee Sentinal Journal:

Chvala charged with extortion

Broydrick told the John Doe hearing that Chvala’s pet committees were “laundromats, meaning in Mr. Broydrick’s words, the ‘money goes through a washing machine and it comes out clean,’ ” the complaint says.

? Walter Kunicki, a lobbyist and former Assembly speaker, told prosecutors Chvala asked him for $100,000 from a well-heeled Kunicki client, Wisconsin Energy Corp. The firm, which was seeking approval of a “Power the Future” bill, paid $50,000 to the Independent Citizens, the complaint says. Chvala then called and told Kunicki the amount he expected was $100,000. The complaint doesn’t say whether Wisconsin Energy paid up.

? Mark Williamson, a former executive of and lobbyist for Madison Gas and Electric Co., told prosecutors Chvala told him to direct donations from the utility to the Kansas Democratic Party. Three donations from MG&E subsidiaries totaling $25,000 were subsequently sent to the Kansas Democratic Party, the complaint says.

Mark Williamson… where have I heard that name… OH, NOW I REMEMBER, he’s ATC’s point man on the Arrowhead Transmission Project.

Let’s see… Chuck Chvala ran for governor of Wisconsin in 1994,
Ed Garvey ran for governor of Wisconsin in 1998. Chuck Chvala was busted for crimes all during this time. Is Ed Garvey that out of touch? Could it be that Ed Garvey does not understand politics as usual in Wisconsin? He must read the papers, he owns one! Why would Garvey expect anything other than utility support from the current Democratic governor? Of course they?ll bend to utility interests, that?s how the Democrats do it in Wisconsin?

Now, about Minnesota… is anyone doing any serious digging into these unprecedented “incentives” for Mesaba’s “Two Lobbyists and a Wife” coal gasification project? A picture says a thousand words…

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And whatever happend to Chuck Chvala? Check Wisconsin Circuit Court Access, type in Chvala and Charles and look for the open file from 2002, Dane County Case Number 2002CF002451. Wow… He goes to trial on Halloween this year!

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