If you’re interested in going to the Minnesota Environmental Congress, register NOW — and I sure hope that many of those who went to the meetings around the state follow through and keep demanding change!

2013 Minnesota Environmental Congress

Friday, March 15, 2013 8:00 AM5:00 PM

Ramada Inn Bloomington
2300 East American Boulevard
Bloomington, MN 55425


Registration Questions:
Catherine Dubbe
GTS Educational Events

This was originally INVITATION ONLY!  Can you believe it!  Yours truly didn’t make the cut, I can’t imagine why… and now, it’s thrown open to any ol’ body, so I guess that means us.


And the AGENDA for Friday.

For those of you who went to the meetings, or are curious about what happened, here are the reports:

Environmental Congress Citizen Forums

Suffice it to say, the standing room only attendance at all of the sessions was a surprise to the organizers.  The people of Minnesota are more than a little upset about the state’s failure to protect Minnesota’s environment.

It struck me as hilarious that on the opening page, they cite the Minnesota Environmental Policy Act:

Minnesota law directs the EQB to host an annual Environmental Congress. Read MN Statute Ch. 116C Sec. 04 to learn more about the statutory role of the EQB.

Now’s the time to keep that message hammering home…  Best read both the Minnesota Environmental Policy Act and the Minnesota Environmental Rights Act.

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