This one rates a WOW!  The rescue we got Kady from was raided yesterday. K-K-K-KADY!!!

Their site: 6th Angel German Shepherd Rescue


Reports state that 35 or so dogs were removed. Their Petfinder list of available dogs is now not working.

Here’s another report:

SPCA Rescuse Dozens of Dogs from “Filthy” Law Firm

Dogs are at the SPCA, and rumor has i they are being held as evidence, and could be held until this is resolved, i.e., by trial, plea, or dismissal of charges. That’s a problem. Pennsylvania SPCA is at 350 E Erie Ave Philadelphia, PA 19134, phone (215) 426-6304.

There have been issues before between the PA SPCA and 6th Angel about doing an exchange of animals in a parking lot (what rescue doesn’t do that?) where the Pennsylvania SPCA had confiscated dogs from her, because it is against the law to sell animals in a public place, and I posted on that here.

At that time, the judge said that dogs had been improperly confiscated by the Pennsylvania SPCA and ordered that they be returned:

Memorandum – Sixth Angel Shepherd Rescue and Terry Silva v.George Bengal, Nicole Wilson and Pennsylvania SPCA

And another story, prior to the court order:

Owner is Hoping to Have Her Dogs Returned

When we got Kady from 6th Angel, we had to fill out an application, have a house visit, references were checked, and we got her!  She fit right in, snoozing right next to Ken or even in bed with her!

So when you listen to that story embedded above, note how they’re saying she “posed” as a rescue. What’s that about, she was indeed a rescue. 35 dogs in one place and probably without a kennel license is a problem, but it feels like there’s something else going on here.

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  1. Ron Dief Says:

    I’m not surprised. You got lucky. We got Dusty last March almost immediately he became aggressive to anyone outside of the family. When I tried to return him 5 days later Terry said it was up to me to work with the dog. 6 months and 11 people bitten later (only one badly), Terry reluctantly took him back. She didn’t know her dogs to be able to match the dog with the family.

  2. Barbara Says:

    We also got our beautiful dog from them. Application. References check with our vet a md a home visit…even the basement. I called with a question 6 months later and they had the information and faxed it to me.

  3. Robin Perry Says:

    I fostered numerous dogs for Terri Silvia and became well acquainted with the regular transport driver. They were both true animal lovers. We would meet the transport at rest stops along US 95 at the NC and VA state line. The crates on the transport were always kept clean and dogs were regularly walked during their trip. The dogs I came in contact with were in need of loving homes and were being given that by Terri. I KNOW something happened to drastically change her normal care of these animals. I rescue and foster and know how demanding this work can be. We extend our self out of love for the animals. People who have a dog or two love dogs but aren’t willing to sacrifice anything in their life to help them. I have NO doubt this was beyond her control!!

  4. Carol A. Overland Says:

    Hoarding is a too common occurrence in rescues, and it’s a disorder that doesn’t have good prognosis. The condition of the dogs taken out of her office/building was terrible, as was the premises, shit covered, just awful. We got our Kady from 6th Angel, but thankfully she was fostered way out on Long Island, and not at the office.

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