Gov. Dayton’s budget proposal

January 22nd, 2013


Gov. Mark Dayton is a Shep nut… like some people I know… and I expect those shep sensibilities to extend to sensible policy proposals.  But part of his budget proposal is to CUT corporate taxes!  Yes, CUT corporate taxes.

Dayton having a conversation with Dakota and Mesabi, September 2010/Star Tribune file Dayton with Dakota, standing guard in September/Star Tribune file

Silly me…

Here’re his budget ideas, taken from the Minnesota Management & Budget Page:

FY 2014-15 Governor’s Budget Recommendation

Governor’s Presentation
MMB Presentation
Agency Level Narratives Including Governor’s Recommendations -January 22, 2013
Governor’s Budget Supporting Documents

Additional information on the components of the Governor’s FY 2014-15 budget can be found at

I have mixed feelings about sales tax on clothes, as they’re regressive, even if starting at $100.  In December, I bought Alan a pair of Red Wing shoes from the sale bin, and they were over $100.  And then there the tax on services… MPR called it a “business to business” sales tax, but I need to find the details on what’s proposed.

MSBA says there would be these increases in the budget for the justice system, and looking at it, I can see “jobs jobs jobs” and some much needed funding in each area:

· Civil Legal Services: +4.5%

· Board of Public Defense: +6.5%

· Supreme Court: +4.3%

· Court of Appeals: +5.9%

· Trial Courts: +6.2%

· Tax Court: +19.5%

· Guardian Ad Litem Board: +4.3%

· Judicial Standards Board: +33%

· Human Rights Department: +4.1%

One very good addition is a 22% increase in the MPCA budget! Good!  This is the only agency I’ve seen argue in a rulemaking that a high threshold for enforcement should be adopted because they don’t have funds to regulate.  Give me a break!

There’s NO ENTRY WHATSOEVER for Environmental Quality Board.

Tell the Governor what you think – CLICK HERE FOR CONTACT FORM

Better arrange for our grrrrrrrrrls to have a chat with him!


Cut corporate taxes?  The idea is a turkey.

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