Chimney almost gone!

January 5th, 2013

Going down?  Looking from the second floor way way down into the basement!


And here’s what will be the in and out for the second floor, it was quite the trick to lean in and down and pull out the liner and bricks below the floor level:


And here’s where the chimney used to be — a basement without a chimney is as good as an attic without a chimney — so much room.  It was once where that small pile o’ bricks is in the middle of the floor.  Say goodbye to the old boiler, the hot water heater, gone, gone, gone, well, out and now needing a new home.  Need a boiler?  $500 for the boiler!  Need a hot water heater?  FREE!  Both work great!  Just let me know when you can come and get them!!  The dust from this, however, will take years to eradicate:


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