How did I forget to put this up???

Here’s the Order: order-on-motion-for-sd-mcgp.pdf filed a Summary Judgment (Summary Disposition) Motion that was heard earlier this month. We lost — Motion Denied — essentially the ALJ said that neither he nor the Commission has jurisdiction to address whether the IRR’s certification of the site was false or fraudulent and whether the West Site is an Innovative Energy Project under the statute. That the IRR Commissioner must “designate” the site and it doresn’t really matter whether it’s a false or fraudulent designation, “the authority to review the IRR Commissioner’s designation of the West Range Site must reside, if at all, in some court of competent jurisdiction in the Judicial Branch.
Once more with feeling… Here’s the IRR Commissioner Certification: irrrb-nov-7-2005.pdf

Here’s the site — this is the greatest infrastructure photo I’ve ever seen:


And this, viewing from a long ways away, only accessible by 4 wheeler and foot:


And here’s the SEH map of just the road infrastructure that is needed:


OK, fine, whatever… we can do this…

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