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Overland’s radical agenda: “Read your Constitution.” Radical? HELL NO — IT’S REVOLUTIONARY IN ORIGIN!

Letter: Keep liberal agenda out of city politics

Chuck Czerwinski, Red Wing
The Republican Eagle – 10/28/2006

To the Editor:

I read Saturdayâ??s letter from Carol Overland. Her ultra-liberal, anti-nuke message got her few votes in her primary bid for the At-Large City Council seat. The â??anti-background checksâ? posturing always sounded more like a candidate looking for an issue to run on than a sincere desire to protect civil rights. Either way, I am more concerned about the rights of voters. Overlandâ??s attempt to perpetuate her perceived victimization at Mondayâ??s council meeting lacks credibility. She blasted council members, saying â??read your Constitution.â?

The United States enjoys a stable government. Our legal process works. Rulings were handed down that support Overlandâ??s position. That should be the end of it. I did not get my way, but I accept the rule of law.

I agreed with background checks for candidates. Currently, candidates sign an affidavit affirming they are eligible. Assuming that politicians always tell the truth is like assuming Osama Bin Laden is really a nice guy. Candidates want to be elevated by us to positions where they make decisions that change our lives, but some get angry if we want to know as much about them as Wal-Mart knows about the people who clean their floors.

Overland wants to replace the common-sense people with those who bring her radical agenda to a job that is really about keeping our taxes down and our citizens protected. It is a safe bet that the council members who saw nothing wrong with background checks are the ones with nothing to hide.

I grew up here, and this is the first year I have been irritated enough to write letters to the editor. Overland has been here just a few years and she constantly bombards us with her unsolicited opinions. She has a constitutional right to complain, and I have an equal right to disagree. Isnâ??t America great!

Chuck Czerwinski
Red Wing

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