Happy B-Day, Erick!

October 28th, 2006

(lifted sans permission from jambands.com — so sue me)

To my favorite fired reporter and incessent writer, who is so fair, objective and balanced that everyone wants to strangle him, way too Barneyesque in the face of political perversity when the Scorpio sting is long overdue, much maligned as the foiled operative in the Bachman campaign, the ’08 Rock Star Presidential candidate of G&D (FEITCTAJ) Party, and source of the most hilarious communications, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

May you fly right, have many more, and not need your attorney-on-retainer for a long time!

So everyone out there in Rice County and 2CD, y’all honk, wave, and holler “Happy Birthday” and be sure to give him the finger to keep it balanced!

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