St. Lawrence Band Reunion
Saturday, August 27, 2005
1-6 and even later…
St. Lawrence School in SE Mpls

Paul McGovern found it — one of the photos I remember from the last time Saturn moved from Cancer into Leo! I keep wanting to call him “Pauly,” that’s him on the right in front of the banner. He’s grown up a bit, now he’s in photographic engineering, will have a new kid next month, and he’s lending his talents to restoring and digitalizing photos from so far back that we don’t even want to remember. Maybe he thinks blackmail will get him through this lay-off, I think he said something under his breath about photos of me in the back of the bus… don’t know how much this is gonna cost me…


And my exhusband’s the one with the trombone next to my little bro! Let’s hear it for Saturn leaving Cancer and revisiting another era with a little perspective!

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