Sandy did very well, and presented as the seasoned and experienced candidate that she is. She was articulate on issues and really said something (and whooo-boy, do I disagree with her on a couple of things, but we’ve agreed to disagree… ahem… until I have to bang on her door at the SOB and then we’ll have a cat fight or two) and I’ve got a lot of notes that I’ll get posted tomorrow. But one hting stands out — Iocco’s bizarre demand that Wollschlager call radio stations to have an independent expenditures ad pulled — and I hope that people listening and there in person understand that it is completely beyond a candidates’ control. He also took an example she gave of quickly turning away an offer of “dirt” and twisted it into an example of her playing “negative politics” and that kind of manipulation I HOPE shines through exposing the nature of his character. But that’s what people do when they’re losing.

Now this one, oh, my. Had a brief confirmation of Murphy’s position on the Utility Personal Property Tax cuts and whether he’d work to restore the rates, HE WON’T, “that would be going backwards,” and I need to do a bit of background before I put all that up — it’ll be a separate piece on Utility Personal Property Tax. How he gets elected I do not understand. But the other Steve is so clueless and petty, and obsessed with this Gay Marriage amendment, wants to nail Murphy on his refusal to bow to these bizarre special interests (just what on earth is their interest, anyway?) What I know about Steve is enough to make me not vote for him… yes, there are two Steves, and one I know a lot about and one I know litlte about, but what I do know about each is making me ill. I’ve been able to remove that “ice pick in the brain” feeling, but my gut is still turning… more later, when I get the stomach for it. (plus, to add insult to injury, Murphy used the code words for including hydro as “renewable” though the uninitiated wouldn’t have noticed). Drazkowski was also behaving like a loser, and much as I love to see someone slapping up Murphy, they don’t do it about the right issues, and in this case, it was just stupid grandstanding that did not work. But again, I do wonder about voters’ ability to discern.
And then there’s this one, once again at issue is voters’ ability to discern:


Well, let’s just say that Terry Rogers was his usual self, and, when I cornered him about her deficient website, he confidently stated that Rowley does indeed have “Issues” and “Position Statements” posted. Thinking that she may indeed have posted something since I last registered that complaint, I said I’d look. Here’s what’s there: Rowley “Issues” This does not convey an understanding, it’s saying a lot of nothing. There’s a world full of resources, but here’s what we get — here’s a hint Terry — it doesn’t say anything:

Issue: Energy Independence

American innovation and invention must lead.

As long as we depend on Middle Eastern oil, we will be involved in Middle Eastern conflicts and invite the wrath of terrorists everywhere. As long as we are held hostage at the gas pump, our economic growth will be less and less guaranteed. As long as we must drill deeper into habitats to sustain our growing energy needs, we will continue to deface many of the remaining pristine areas we share. And as long as we continue to embed our atmosphere with fossil waste, we will incur increasingly destructive natural disasters similar to the record number of devastating hurricanes endured this year.

A new energy strategy is one of the 21st century’s most urgent causes. Emerging powers such as China and India will invariably demand a growing percentage of the global energy supply, and the status quo simply is not equipped to meet tomorrow’s demand. How we resolve this impending challenge will have a profound impact on our environment, economy, and national security.

We have never backed down from a challenge, and with our innovative abilities America can lead the world into a more secure energy future. However, today America is following because our policymakers do not have the vision to guide us. I believe this century can be the century of American global leadership for new technologies that are environmentally sustainable and will free us from dependence on foreign states. In the short term, we must undertake greater conservation and fuel efficiency measures. The energy of the future is in sustainable fuels like biomass, ethanol, wind and solar power. It is time for a new vision of America, not as a dependent energy consumer, but a trailblazing energy creator.

Tell me, what will she do to stop new coal plants from being built? What will she do to pull back FERC transmission siting authority? What will she do, not to enhance the carbon trading market, but to stop generation of CO2 — changing lightbulbs just won’t do it! And how will wind generation lessen our dependence on “foreign oil.” Will she champion a permanent wind PTC? This is just not sufficient for a Congressional Candidate.

Oh barf… When’s the next plane to Costa Rica?

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