Oh, there she goes again! This time it was the Northfield City Council, I’m trying to light a stick of dynamite and get someone to show up! If they are concerned, where are they? Not at Committee 1 meetings!


It’s one of those “little things,” but why on earth does the list of Rice County’s Committee 1 members show “Randy Peterson” as representing the City of Northfield? He doesn’t work there anymore, he supposedly is there for the meetings (I hadn’t seen him so thought he wasn’t, for sure he’s not contributing to the discussion), no one from the City of Northfield shows up for meetings, that tells me that the the City of Northfield doesn’t give a rhodent’s rump. Does anyone! Arrgh!

Rat's Ass.jpg

Let’s see, 11.5 million square feet of development in the middle of nowhere, in an area where the roads are crappy condition two lane with zero shoulder, no water, sewer or electrical infrastructure, and they’re talking about putting up showroom retail and big warehouses and after that tearing down the Co. Rd. 1 bridge and changing it into a five lane bridge? A FIVE LANE BRIDGE? HERE?


Northfield has a “work session” to talk about it. They pass out these huge packets that cost a few trees that don’t even have the relevant information — when Committee 1 started handing out the AUAR draft, well, that’s where the City’s info stopped, it says June 29 (agenda only), so let me see if I understand it, you’ve got folks who haven’t been to the meetings talking about something they know nothing about without the relevant documents that have been passed out at the last two meetings over the last month, things like the massive AUAR draft, the infrastructure update, the traffic report… the train’s rolling down the hill out of control… isn’t it about time somebody started at least designing the brakes, if not ripping up the tracks?


What can I say, during the meeting I got a lot of work done on the appeal brief.

Maybe it will look different in the morning… color me tired of going to pointless meetings!

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